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1) General: Welcome to the Website of GUMIRO [] (hereinafter “Website”). Please have a look at the following basic guidelines that regulate your use of the Website (hereinafter “Document”) before you use this Website in any shape or form. Please note that your use of this Website is always subject to the most recent version of this Document, thus implying your consent. If you do not consent to a certain provision in this Document or if you experience any difficulty reading it, GUMIRO kindly requests that you contact the company and refrain from using the Website in the meanwhile.

The content of this Website might change without prior notice and does not create, specify, modify, or replace new or existing contractual relationships that have been concluded in writing between GUMIRO and the visitor. Every modification shall be communicated on the Website and/or via email and the new disclaimer shall come into force thirty (30) days after this announcement. This document was last modified on 01/12/2014.

2) Nature of the provided information: The information that is available on the Website is of a general nature. The information is not modified to personal or specific circumstances and can therefore not be regarded as personal advice. This Website and all content thereon are provided on an “as is” basis without providing any guarantees. The use of the Website and all information it contains is entirely at your own risk.

3) Liabilities: GUMIRO makes a great effort to ensure that the content of this Website is as complete, correct, accurate, and up-to-date as possible. If the provided information contains inaccuracies or if certain information is unavailable, GUMIRO will strive to correct this as soon as possible. If you ascertain any inaccuracies, GUMIRO kindly requests that you contact the company (for contact details, please see the bottom of this Document).

GUMIRO strives to protect this Website with all measures it can reasonably be expected to take and to reduce potential inconveniences caused by technical errors to the greatest possible extent. GUMIRO cannot however rule out that certain unjust technical manoeuvres or unauthorised interventions take place. Therefore, GUMIRO cannot guarantee uninterrupted access.

GUMIRO is not responsible for indirect damages or consequential damages (such as, but not limited to, loss of time, emotional damages, missed opportunities, data loss, loss of profit, etc.). The contractual and extra-contractual liability related to the use of this Website is limited to 500 EUR, unless the law allows for a lower limitation.

GUMIRO does not assume any liability for statements made or published by third parties and is in no way obliged to correct incorrect data, information, conclusions, or advice published by third parties relating to this or any other source of information provided by GUMIRO

However, nothing stated in this Document exempts GUMIRO' liability for intent or fraud.

4) Links to Websites of third parties: This Website might include hyperlinks to other Websites, of which BODY&BESS does not inspect content or technical features. BODY&BESS cannot offer any guarantee of the correctness or completeness of these contents or of the availability of these Websites; therefore, it does not assume any liability for any direct or indirect damages resulting from the use of these.

5) Intellectual property: All texts, images, and video and audio files shown on this Website are the property of BODY&BESS; they can only be reproduced or shared with the public after explicit prior written consent by GUMIRO.

The name and logo of GUMIRO and the products and services that are offered by the company are brands and trade names that are protected by national law. This Website is subject to Belgian law, and the copyrights are held by GUMIRO.

6) Protection of personal data: All personal data on the visitor of the Website shall only be used to improve its technical functionality. The data you provide on the Website are confidential. GUMIRO shall function as the party responsible for these data in compliance with the Belgian Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Personal Data Protection Act) of 8/12/1992.

7) Governing law and jurisdiction: This Document is subject to Belgian law, as are all disputes that need to be settled pertaining thereto. Disputes relating to the existence or implementation of this Document as well as to the interpretation and use thereof solely fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of the district where GUMIRO has its corporate headquarters, unless compulsory law dictates otherwise.

8) Various: If any provision of this Document is considered unlawful, void, or cannot be implemented for whichever other reason, this provision shall be considered independent of the rest of this Document, thus not influencing the validity and enforceability of the other provisions.

9) Contact: Please contact GUMIRO at the following contact address in case you have any further questions or remarks:

Gumiro BVBA - division BODY&BESS 

Weverslaan 23

9160 Lokeren (Belgium)

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