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How a raspberry becomes a Body&Bess care product

The seeds of raspberries are often removed to use them for a host of products (fruit juice, coulis, grenadine, sauces…). The seeds that are removed are offered a second life at Body&Bess and processed into high-quality oil. 

Body&Bess has developed a production process where the seeds are stored at a low temperature directly after they are removed from the raspberries. The seeds are processed into the unique, highly concentrated skin care products of Body&Bess in four steps.

1. Cooling and drying the seeds
After they are transported and stored at a low temperature, the seeds are dried. The quality of the oil depends on achieving the right humidity content.

2. Separating the oil and the seed
The oil is separated from the seeds after drying. This process takes place under very specific circumstances, 100% natural without chemical solvents.

3. Skin care based on concentrated oil
The raspberry seed oil is subsequently used in our various care products in highly concentrated form, allowing us to offer a strikingly effective range of cosmetics.

4. Grinding the oil-free seeds
 Even the oil-free seeds are used. They are ground to various kernel sizes and used in our scrubs.

In short: a range of skin care products that originate from a waste product, manufactured entirely zero waste.


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