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Body&Bess: How it all started

In 2010, Belgian entrepreneur Sam De Schepper discovers, rather by happenstance, that raspberry seeds contain a great many first-class components.
He decides to test whether these first-class raspberry seed components can be isolated to then works out a process that guarantees a stable oil as the end product. After two years of research and development, he manages to elaborate a pure and stable oil that is rich in vitamins A and E and omega 3 and 6. He was the first to accomplish this feat.

There were more than 300 ideas pitched about potential areas of application; in the end, it was decided to use the highly concentrated, exceptionally effective oil for care products. This choice was made as oil is proven to be particularly beneficial for the skin, especially for dry and irritated skin.

2013: Body&Bess PRO-line: the range for beauticians

Body&Bess cherishes the unique qualities and features of its products. As such, the company specifically gears its products towards a target audience that places high demands on the care of their skin. That is why the first range of exclusive products was developed with the professional beautician in mind, who has a critical perspective on the beauty industry.

2014: Body&Bess CARE-line: the personal line

After successfully introducing its care products with beauticians, Body&Bess launched a second range of care products, specifically for personal use. Individual consumers can find this range at their favourite beautician or online in our web shop

2015: Body&Bess wins awards

Only two years after the company was founded, Body&Bess already manages to win awards! 
Our Intensive Body Oil, with more than 60% raspberry seed oil, is named the Best product of the year 2015–2016 in the skin care category.
This title was extended for the year 2016-2017 and also for 2018-2019 we were allowed to take the award home again!

2018: Continuous development and expansion

Body&Bess continues to invest in the development of new products. 
In order to better serve the demand for products for oily and impure skins, we launched a completely new range based on rice powder in 2018.

2019: Body & Bess goes international

After a few years of intensive work on brand awareness, 'Body & Bess' gradually became a household name in the professional market.
In March 2019 we shifted up a gear by being present at Cosmoprof Bologna, looking for international distributors to represent Body&Bess in other countries.


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