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Providing the best, natural solution for every skin type, that’s what we stand for!

Body&Bess is a 100% Belgian family business that offers natural skin care products based on a high concentration of natural active ingredients. Our aim is to strengthen and increase skin resilience, stimulate cell growth and protect and restore skin.
In short: Body&Bess revives your skin.

Body&Bess products do not contain parabens and we never test them on animals. 
All products have been dermatologically tested and approved.

Depending on the skin type, Body&Bess offers 2 different product ranges;
A range based on raspberry seed oil is aimed at dry, sensitive and most demanding skins.
The rice powder range, in turn, is aimed at people with an oily, impure skin.

The riches of raspberry seed oil for the dry and irritated skin.

Raspberry seed oil has long been known for its excellent properties that nourish, protect and repair your skin. Its unique composition make raspberry seed oil the best there is when it comes to caring for the most demanding skin types.
• omega-3 and -6 are essential fatty acids that increase the skin’s resistance, promote better cell growth, act as an anti-ageing ingredient, regulate skin’s sebum levels, keep skin soft, and reduce redness and scale formation.
• vitamins A and E are powerful anti-oxidants that protect skin against the effects of ageing. They also ensure that skin remains supple and healthy.

The riches of rice powder for the mixed and impure skin

Rice powder is highly absorbent and gives oily skin a pure, matt appearance. Rice powder is also gluten free and has no side effects, even on the most sensitive skin types. What is more, rice powder has impressive cleansing powers.
Rice powder also restores the skin’s smoothness and avoids spots and blackheads.


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